Chicanery, a Radio Play written by Miryl Halpern


A corporate mogul dies and an ex-girlfriend from his college days seeks revenge
by revealing secrets to his family that would destroy his public image.

ANNOUNCER, played by George Papaioannou​
MIRYL HALPERN, an ex-girlfriend of Heinrich’s from his college days, played by Mary Greenberg
HILDA GRUVENMEISTER, Heinrich’s older daughter from his first marriage, played by Julia Poulos
MARI GRUVENMEISTER, Heinrich’s younger daughter from his second marriage, played by Lillian Israel
LING GRUVENMEISTER, Heinrich’s second wife, played by Lillian Israel
HEINRICH GRUVENMEISTER, a corporate mogul, deceased. Miryl’s ex-boyfriend from her college days, played by Oscar October

ARTHUR, Miryl’s friend. A Mark Twain impersonator, played by Kenneth Greenberg