Easy Aces – Jane Goes to a Psychiatrist

Jane Goes to a Psychiatrist

In this episode “Jane Goes to a Psychiatrist” from the Easy Aces comedy radio show, which aired from 1930-1945. This is the day that Ace has been dreading, the day that Jane decides to seek help from a professional, and nothing in the Ace household will be N-O-R-M-A-L ever again.

So, lay back on the couch and enjoy this Easy Aces radio comedy performance by Princeton Writers Block.


ANNOUNCER, played by David Newton Dunn
ACE GOODMAN, played by George Papaioannou
MRS. NORRIS, played by Julia Poulos
JANE GOODMAN, played by Lillian Israel
DR. MONTEL, played by Oscar October
JANE’S MOTHER, played by Mary Greenberg
NURSE, played by Julia Poulos