David Attenborough
Max Von Schtupp
Clawdine Whatchmacova
Suki Suzuki Francoise
Gorgeous Cate Blandshit
Corgi Onassis
Levi JS Bark


Masterclass, an Audio Play written by Mary Greenberg


Sometime in the near future, a happy gathering of canines and one feline enroll in a Masterclass with the purpose of preparing for the ultimate competition, the Eastminster Kennel Club Dog Show. And in the case of the cat, the Cat Fanciers Association International Cat Show.

Who will be the winner? The result will surprise you!


DAVID ATTENBOROUGH, the Narrator, played by David Newton Dunn
MAX VON SCHTUPP, a male German Shepard Dog, played by Oscar October
CLAWDINE WHATCHAMACOVA, a female Russian Blue Cat, played by Mary Greenberg
SUKI SUZUKI FRANCOISE, a female Shih Tzu Bichon Frise Dog, played by Julia Poulos
GORGEOUS CATE BLANDSHIT, a female Australian Shepard Dog, played by Lillian Israel
CORGI ONASSIS, a male Corgi Dog, played by George Papaioannou
WAITER, a male Irish Setter Dog, played by Ken Greenberg
LEVI JS BARK, a male French Poodle, played by Mary Greenberg